One of the top Czech cimbalom bands is heading across the pond to the US for its second North American tour! Harafica has won the hearts of audiences thanks to its natural temperament, which radiates from everything these young musicians play, whether it’s traditional folk songs or classical and modern music. It’s no surprise that Harafica’s concerts in their hometown of Uherské Hradiště and other venues across the Czech Republic sell out in just a matter of hours. The band has released four albums and has worked with a number of distinguished Czech artists such as Květa Fialová, Adam Plachetka, Vojtěch Dyk, Kristýna Kůstková and Ondřej Brzobohatý. They’ve also performed in several European countries, including Spain, Switzerland, and France.

Heller Hall, 21 East Plant Street

Saturday, November 25

7 pm Start, 6 pm Door

$20.00 Donation at Door



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