West Orange County at Work

The Reeves Brothers at work


A town is its people. At one point or another each person in our community has worked for the mutual benefit of himself and his neighbors. In Winter Garden this work has taken many forms, from picking oranges, to operating a train, to working a cash register, or running a business. All this work has come together to make the town that we know and love today. Each industry has its story, though the history of citrus the railroads that shipped this bounty are especially intertwined with the history of the town.

Citrus and truck farming were the keys to West Orange County’s prosperity from the very beginning, with the original settlers grafting fresh stock onto wild orange trees. Once citrus cultivation spread across the land, the railroads grew in importance as they were the most efficient means of moving fruit. Local businesses sprung up along the rail lines to serve the needs of growing West Orange County communities.

We know that the Winter Garden of today is no longer the world’s citrus capital, as many factors served to decimate that economic engine. The exhibit pays homage to the original pioneers, vital local businesses, and especially the workers, all who labored to create our modern, diversified economy despite many challenges across a century.

Winter Garden Heritage Museum

1 North Main Street

Through January 31, 2022



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