3/9/19 – 4/30/19 Selling Sunshine: The Art of Citrus Advertising

Cultivated citrus, the crop that shaped Florida’s economy and landscape for a century and a half, took root in Florida by the mid-1800s. Originally concentrated in the northern part of the state, growers moved further south in pursuit of warmer weather after the Great Freeze of 1894-5. As others arrived to harvest Florida’s agricultural gold, inexpensive land was drained and planted with rows of trees that stretched to the horizon. Somehow, all of this fruit needed to be marketed and sold.

Advertising copywriters paid close attention to scientific advances in agriculture, and were quick to market trends for newly-prosperous consumers to follow. The exhibit features many of the ingenious ads, spanning a century, that were guaranteed to convince the world to purchase Florida’s liquid sunshine.

Winter Garden Heritage Museum

1 North Main Street

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