Dr. Albert Gleason: West Orange County’s Eminent Physician


Dr. Albert Gleason (1911-2015) began practicing medicine in 1945 after serving in World War II- and he continued for the next 60 years. He was also instrumental in establishing and serving as chief of staff at both West Orange Memorial Hospital in Winter Garden, and Health Central Hospital when it was constructed in Ocoee.

A Catholic church did not exist in the area until Gleason arranged to have Mass said at his office on Boyd Street in Winter Garden. Eventually, a sanctuary rose under his leading patronage. A citrus grower, the doctor also served on the board of the South Lake Apopka Citrus Growers Association in Tildenville.

The exhibit features photographs and medical office equipment highlighting Dr. Gleason’s life and legacy.


Opening: Fall 2020

Winter Garden Heritage Foundation

21 East Plant Street

The exhibit will run through June 30, 2020



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