Pic of the Week

 In 1916, Mr. J.S. Kirton was hired as principal of the Oakland-Winter Garden School in Tildenville. With him came his wife, a teacher named Laura Scott Kirton. When they arrived, two buildings at the Tildenville school site educated student…s, grades one through twelve. Mrs. Kirton taught mathematics to upper grade students until 1918, when her husband left to work with the YMCA during World War I, and she was appointed to succeed him. When Lakeview High School opened in 1927, Mrs. Kirton was the principal of the new high school, in addition to being principal of Tildenville and Winter Garden Elementary Schools. According to an article in the March 1948 West Orange News, she was the only woman in the Florida school system to hold the position of supervising principal of a fully accredited high school.