Pic of the Week

Over its 93-year history, the First National Bank building at 100 West Plant Street has had four radically different “looks.” (The photo posted on March 28 showed the original building, and last week’s post showed the second “look.”) Sometime in the early 1950s, the building was once again radically remodeled. A second floor was added to the adjacent store and that building became part of the enla…rged structure. Joe S. Fairchild was the bank president at the time. His son, William C. Fairchild succeeded his father in 1964. Bank affairs were handled quite differently back then. Albert Gleason, longtime doctor in town, recalled when Will Williamson, a beloved African American Oakland resident, was hospitalized before his death in 1965. “He asked the floor nurse to call Billy Fairchild, the banker in town, and tell Mr. Fairchild that I would like to see him.” Mr. Fairchild responded, “Tell Will I’ll be there in five minutes.”