Pic of the Week

In the early part of the twentieth century, buildings were often moved or radically remodeled rather than torn down and rebuilt. This is the second of four different “looks” of the First National Bank of Winter Garden building at 100 West Plant Street. (Last week’s photograph showed the building’s original appearance.) It is not known when the large windows of the original building were reduced in… size and the oblique corner entrance added, however, documentation on the building states that it was remodeled extensively in 1925. Jeremiah M. Sullivan was president of the bank in the 1920s when a Mediterranean fruit fly infestation crippled Orange County’s citrus industry (1928-29) and many banks folded following the 1929 Stock Market Crash. In an interview conducted by the Winter Garden Heritage Foundation, Sulllivan’s daughter, Gerry Sullivan Bivens, described how her father successfully fought to keep the bank open by soliciting help from community members. In the photo, the building behind the bank on South Boyd Street was City Hall. The storefront west of the bank was the A&P grocery store. Later, a second story was added to the grocery store and it became part of the bank building. Next week’s photo will show you that transformation.